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State-of-the-art technology
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State-of-the-art technology

At our office practice, we offer you and your child innovative and leading-edge therapy concepts to correct tooth and bite misalignments gently and safely. We work with up-to-date methods in diagnostics and use the benefits of digital technology: We make your X-rays with a low-radiation digital X-ray machine that yields precise and high-quality images. Furthermore, our digital intraoral scanner allows us to make contact-free tooth impressions without incurring the urge to gag and without spoons and impression material.

For the invisible correction of tooth and bite misalignments, we provide treatment with braces on the inside, which we order and make individually, custom-tailored to your needs. In the case of fixed braces, we rely on cutting-edge 100%-ceramic brackets in tooth color and on self-ligating, low-friction brackets, which allow for quick effect and tooth movement – a maximum in terms of aesthetics. If you’d rather do completely without braces, we can treat you with innovative, barely visible aligners that can move your teeth gradually and efficiently to the desired position.

When it comes to materials, we also rely on technology and technical advances and use exclusively high-quality and above all harmless materials – for your health as well as your best smile!

Intraoral scanner
In many cases, we can spare you annoying dental impressions that sometimes entail an unpleasant urge to gag. We use an innovative intraoral camera to get images of your teeth and your bite comfortably and in no time at all – without coming in contact with your teeth or the palate.
In-house lab
At our in-house lab, we fabricate removable braces and splints – customized, quick and premium quality. We use only tried-and-tested, safe materials. You benefit from quick fabrication and an earlier start of treatment.
Digital X-ray
For your diagnosis, you can have utter confidence in safety and precision, since we make your images with a state-of-the-art, low-radiation digital X-ray machine. At the highest technical level, this gentle procedure provides us with most accurate high-quality images of your teeth and jaws.
Treatment rooms
Our comfortable treatment rooms have been designed by us to be spacious, friendly and bright so you enjoy an agreeable treatment in the privacy of single rooms. We have selected upholstered dental treatment chairs where you or your child can sit comfortably.
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